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TEQ63 Series04

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Bulletpunk: TEQ63 Series04 by Quiccs!

Bulletpunk: TEQ63 is an all original resin toy concept, hand sculpted and hand painted by Quiccs. The Series04 Collection Drops off this Sunday, April 27 at the Hidden Fortress HQ, online via www.hiddenfortress.com, and at the Secret Fresh Gallery. Series 04 features the TEQ63 classic original colorway, and new limited editions Burnwater Red, Hidden Fortress Black, Worldslayer Ghost White and the Camo x Ulap Edition fully limited at 10 pieces each. See you on the other side!

Product Details:
•​ ​Material: Plastic Resin + Acrylic Paints
•​ ​Height: 3.5 Inches
•​ ​Base: Original

•​ ​Classic ​OG Colorway ​- open edition
•​ ​Burnwater Red - 10 PCS
•​ ​Hidden Fortress Exclusive Black - 10 PCS
•​ ​Worldslayer White - 10 PCS
• ​ ​Ulap​'s Camo​ ​(​Collab​ x ULAP)​ - 10 PCS