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[Spirit of] Storm King Machine

$25.00 / Sold Out

In the spirit of the 2015 May 4th celebrations, we released the [Spirit of] Storm King Machine DIY Edition at the Thailand Toy Expo!

For online folks, they are now available via our store, www.hiddenfortressmanila.com! Available in "CMYK" Blue, Pink, Yellow, Black and White, for only 25USD each!

"All Colors Pack" set of 5 is also available for only 110 USD! (This spcieal set of 5 guarantees savings on both the base price and the shipping costs of the set)

Product Information:

Name: [Spirit of] Storm King Machine
​Size: 1/144 5.75" Inches
Material: Resin
Articulation: None
​Edition: Open Edition
Price: 25 USD + Shipping
Availability: Preorder (May-June Shipping)