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Bulletpunk: MEGA TEQ63

$75.00 / Sold Out

Bulletpunk: MegaTEQ63

[OG Fortress Black Colorway]
[Worldslayer White Colorway]

Size: 11”inches
Material: Resin
Edition: Limited Edition of 20 each only
Weight: Approx. 625g each
Price: USD75 Each, USD140 Combo Pack Option

Bulletpunk: MEGATEQ63 is an original toy concept, sculpted and casted in high-quality resin and individually hand-painted by the artist. The MEGATEQ series stands at approx 11”, and has head articulation by design. Preorders for the initial releases OG Fortress Black and Worldslayer White colorways are now open and WORLDWIDE SHIPPING will commence in March through April 2015. Shipping is made from Manila, Philippines. Each colorway is Limited to 20 pcs and on sale for 75 USD each. An optional YIN & YANG Combo Pack option for both is available for USD140 only.

(3" Baby TEQ63’s and the classic 3.5” TEQ63 seen on the sample images sold separately, and are placed only for Size Comparison)