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Bulletpunk: BABY TEQ63 [Batch Three]

$25.00 / Sold Out

Bulletpunk: Baby TEQ63
Batch Three

Baby TEQ63 is a custom concept by Quiccs featuring his character TEQ63 hand-customed on the 3” Dunny base, casted in plastic resin and hand-painted. The second batch release features 3 colour variants, “Fortress Black”, “Ghost White”, and "School Bully Red". You can grab your copy for 25 USD each piece or get the “63 Starter Pack” for all three variants for only 63 USD plus international shipping.

See you on the other side!

Product Details:
•​ ​Material: Plastic Resin + Acrylic Paints
•​ ​Height: 3” Inches

•​ ​Fortress Black - 25 USD
•​ Ghost White - 25 USD
•​ ​School Bully Red - 25 USD
•​ 63 ​Starter Pack (All Three Colorways) - 63 USD

Order: www.hiddenfortressmanila.com