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BABY TEQ | 3" Kidrobot Dunny | Artist-Proofs

$35.00 / Sold Out

"Baby TEQ"
3" Kidrobot x Clutter Magazine DTA Series
Final Artist-Proofs

Limited to only 10 pieces each, my "Baby TEQ" 3" Kidrobot DTA Series Artist-Proofs are dropping this Wednesday, December 13 2017 exclusively on hiddenfortressmanila.com at these times:

SG/HK 10 PM - NY 9AM - LA 6AM - UK 2PM

These Artist-Proofs are signed and numbered by yours truly. They are distinctly marked from Kidrobot's factory with printed stickers of the content at the top portion of each box.

The chase God Mode Edition colorway pieces also have a distinclty silvery hue to the arms and the K9 units as opposed to the commercial copies that are golden all around.

Happy hunting and see you on the other side fellas!